Chronobay was born out of Dutch designer Timen van der Horn’s passion for watches, engineering and striving for ultimate quality. He set out to design the ultimate watch holder that would match his love of watches - something practical, beautiful and without concessions to quality. 

Founder Chronobay Timen van der Horn

Inspired by the poetry of well-oiled gears in both engines and watches, Chronobay is a graceful watch stand designed to elevate and showcase your beloved timepieces, whether it is in the office on your desk, or at home on your nightstand. 

Each Chronobay stand is exclusively handcrafted with luxury materials to mirror the quality of the watches that rest upon them.

Created with Italian calfskin leather, unique mould-casted 316 stainless steel and natural marble, our watch stands are assembled by hand in the south of Sweden in exclusive batches to ensure that high standards are met.

Drawing on his background in automotive manufacturing, Timen van der Horn deliberately chose quality materials that were both sleek and resilient. This has resulted in a watch stand that is unparalleled in quality, design and aesthetics.  

Located in the southern region of Sweden, we assemble all our products by hand. We take pride in the quality of our products, because your watch deserves nothing less.