Customer Testimonials

Home is where you hang your ⌚️ Chronobay - best #watchstand your money can buy if you ask me!


Thanks Chronobay, this is the perfect watch stand.


It's not just a simple watch stand, it is pure artwork #madeinsweden, finest materials, handcrafted. You really need this elegance & quality too.....


I wanted to show you a pic of this @chronobay watchstand ! The more I use it, the more I like it. I might be getting more of these.


Have to say that I had some doubts about another new watchstand in the place, but hey, this one is a nice one! Curvy shaped, good materials, cushion not too big so the case only (especially when the watch is on leather strap) can rest on it, works well !


Not only is the stand beautifully constructed, the curved design adds some nice detail to the product. It reminds me of a big end of a piston and I feel its a nice detail for a mechanical watch product too, since many watch guys are also car guys! 


A beautiful and high quality watch stand.


Really happy with the overall look and quality, beautiful design. It deserves a nice spot in the house . Hope to see more colors in the near future.


Monochrome Watch Magazine

'' Watch stands are a relatively new accessory, in the realm of watches, and Chronobay aims to be best in class. While not the first, nor the only watch stand on the market, the Chronobay watch stand is one of the very best....''

Min @wrist.ed

Feels rock solid! Have no concerns placing any of the watches on the stand, it won’t topple over thanks to the stone base and the metal arm, it feels solid with no risk of twisting or slipping....